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Are you ready to upgrade your culinary tool kit with more menu variety and professional techniques?

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Enjoy the Uncorked experience more often!

Follow along with the virtual cooking classes during our culinary team's video demonstrations from the comfort of your own stove. Refine your skills with technique-focused clips in our Skill Library or create a hearty meal- complete with an appetizer!

Tired of trying to figure out what to cook every week?

Save time each month trying to find your new favorite recipes online! Instead, dive into our curated series of 4 meals each month and enjoy learning the chef-selected recipes with easy and engaging instructions. 

Cook together in the kitchen and create something that will wow your loved ones AND become a memorable experience everyone will look forward to.

My Uncorked Kitchen gives you the guidance in the kitchen you need to create meals for you and your family with ease.

Our chefs will not only share their favorite recipes, you will also get access to our skills library to become more creative in the kitchen, forever changing how you prep and serve your meals. You can choose from the recipes of the month at any time you want to make something new in your kitchen!

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Patrick C.

"Virtual cooking classes at Uncorked are a great spin on their in-person classes. It's fun, engaging, and you know where your pots and pans are. I like that the whole family can get involved making the meal."


Chris C.

"Beyond the fun, everyone felt they learned a lot more about both some fundamentals and secrets (to us anyway) behind really good cooking!"

Carole H.

"Just did the online cooking class- it was perfect. Better than a romantic dinner out! The chef guided us through the process and then we got to enjoy a delicious dinner at home."

What's Inside My Uncorked Kitchen?

Each month you will receive 4 new menus to create in your kitchen! This includes:

  • Professionally curated videos for the recipes, guiding you through your experience from prep to plate.
  • 4 NEW appetizers
  • 4 NEW delicious entrées
  • A shopping list for each dish you plan to prepare with substitutions.
  • PLUS, access to our skills library to increase the  and technique at which you prepare each meal.


Perfect as stand alone dishes to create for a small gathering, or as an accompaniment to your entree.

Substitution recommendations for dietary restrictions & allergies are included in each recipe's notes. 


Seasonal recipes to fit every palate. Menu themes will cover family favorites, to globe trotting cuisines perfect for trying a new dish!

Gluten-free options are available throughout each category.

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Shopping List

Our chefs curate a recommended shopping list for you to easily add to your grocery purchases for the week. Have everything you need on hand, and be ready to cook before you even fire up your stove.

Enroll in the membership and make your planning and food prep easier while expanding your culinary palate to the edges of the world.

Need a date night in? Activity for your older teens? Or just want some time in the kitchen you can actually enjoy? You can bring your family and friends together and choose any of the recipes to make together, and experience meal time in a whole new way. Take the monotony out of eating the same meals each week, and check out our featured recipes today! (Your first month's menus and recipes will be available Nov. 1st, 2020.) 

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  • 4 Monthly Updated Menus
  • 4 Appetizers with Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • 4 Entrees with Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • Cooking Skills Library
  • Access to the online community
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  • 4 Monthly Updated Menus
  • 4 Appetizers with Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • 4 Entrees with Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • Cooking Skills Library
  • Access to online community
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This online experience is our way of taking our in house interactive dining experience at the Uncorked Kitchen & Wine Bar located in Centennial, Colorado, and allow you to bring it into your home. We believe "life happens in the kitchen". Our professional chefs guide you to transform some of the world's finest ingredients into a soulful family-style meal to enjoy right at home. As a response to the pandemic quarantine demands, Katie and Eric Robbins, the founders of Uncorked Kitchen and Wine Bar in Centennial, Colorado, decided to launch this membership platform to help their community have access to preparing and serving meals at home with ease. The love to entertain and educate their guests onsite, and now through this membership, they are making that available to you from the comfort of your home. They believe that with a little bit of planning, some guidance from a master chef, and the willingness to learn something new, anyone can create magic in their kitchen at home too!

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